Coming Up With Interesting Dissertation Topics In English Literature

English literature is a vast subject, spanning many hundreds of years, as well as covering literary work from numerous different countries. As a result, you will have numerous potential topics that you can choose from.

Various things to consider when selecting a topic

It may be that you wish to write about a specific piece of literature, such as a book or poem or, alternatively, you may wish to concentrate more on a particular author or group of authors. Equally, your dissertation could focus on a particular period of English literature, such as the Renaissance era, or simply a century as a whole.

Examine literature from other countries

As mentioned, English literature spans a wide range of different countries. For example, you may wish to base your academic paper on English literature from Great Britain. On the other hand, you may wish to look at American literature, Australian literature, literature from New Zealand, or the English literature of any other English speaking country.

In fact, you do not necessarily need to focus on authors or literary pieces that have originated from English speaking countries. As long as the work was written in the English language, then this can still be defined as English literature. Therefore, you can potentially look at a topic related to English literature that has originated from any country in the world.

Ways to narrow down a topic and titles

There are plenty of different brainstorming techniques that you may wish to consider when trying to narrow down a topic or title. Most of these brainstorming techniques will essentially involve you having to write down a wide variety of different titles or topics that you think of before ruling out any ideas you don’t like the sound of. To get you started, feel free to read the topics below.

  • A comparison of English literature in the 18th and 19th centuries

  • What influence did the Renaissance era have on English literature?

  • What impact did Paganism have on English literature in the 15th century?

  • A comparison of English literature from Great Britain and the United States

  • A comparison of notable female authors in 18th-century endless literature

  • What was William Shakespeare’s most important piece of work?

  • How realistic is 19th century Britain in the novels of Charles Dickens?

  • An in-depth examination of the characters in George Orwell’s 1984

  • What role has the digital revolution had on English literature?

  • An analysis of poetry from the First World War

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