How to choose the best economics PhD thesis topics

When majoring in Economics you are tasked with picking a PhD thesis topic. The PhD thesis topic should encompass a subject that is interesting to you and to others. Remember you will be working on this for three or four years so making sure the topic is of interest to you and more importantly of interest to others is a key point in creating your thesis topic. The PhD thesis period in your education is the only uninterrupted free learning time you have so use it wisely. There are many steps to choosing a PhD thesis topic and following these steps will help you to establish a great thesis topic.

  • Choosing your topic should be a mind map
  • Using a mind map to choose the right topic for your thesis is another way to pick the most appropriate topic for you and your interests. By mapping out each topic and making sure there is enough information to contribute to the thesis you can determine which topic is best. Will be able to provide enough insight into the thesis as humanly possible without having to fill in gaps with filler words. This can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not very interested in the subject of Economics, but at this point in your college career you should be well acquainted with Economics and know it’s the right choice for your degree.

  • Setting some boundaries
  • By setting boundaries on your topic you are limiting yourself to some of the key points you will need to make. You don’t want to address every single point of interest. For instance, if you’re doing it on Economics you need to address subject matter like the production of goods for a certain region, the consumption of said goods for all regions, and the spread of the wealth from the sale and production of said goods for that specific region.

  • You need to address a gap in the knowledge of said topic
  • This means that each region has a particular area where there is more information needed to assess its needs, and profitability. So you should address this with your knowledge of how to fix that need. For instance, say you are doing your thesis on the Economic downfall of Mexico. Then you need to address why the economic downfall happened and your assessment of the situation and how it can rectified.

  • Continuously updating your topic to keep up to date with your findings
  • This is the process of using your findings to adjust your topic. Say you start out with The Economic down fall of Mexican Imports and then realize that the title doesn’t suit the research. This can happen and has happened often. So you adjust the title to fit the research obtained and verified.


This is considered one of the most important papers of your life and will stay with you for the rest of your life so make sure you answer the original question you propose with the documentation you find.

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