Selecting Excellent Dissertation Topics On Strategic Management

The first step of your dissertation writing process is to select a topic. If you are majoring in strategic management, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You should consider those ideas that seem interesting and challenging, but keep in mind that your topic should be focused and lead to new results. The following guidelines will help you pick a strong one:

  1. Do not try to come up with a topic that everyone likes.
  2. You should develop your own ideas and get one of them approved by your supervisor. Since it should be useful for the readers, you must ensure that you have enough sources to answer your research question and develop your study hypothesis.

  3. Try to keep it simple.
  4. It is a bad idea to choose an overly ambitious management dissertation topic. You might have trouble working with many variables, conducting your research, and obtaining meaningful outcomes. If you pick a simple point, you can develop it efficiently and compose a comprehensive paper.

  5. Narrow your topic down.
  6. You should not allow your idea to grow bigger as your research goes on. You should focus your study. For instance, write about strategic management in a particular company instead of describing the situation in the whole industry.

  7. Create an operational plan.
  8. The common mistake that students make is that they select their topics without any understanding of how you will actually conduct their research. It is necessary to find a balance between using general strategic management approaches and particular case studies.

  9. Choose a topic for which you can find or obtain necessary data.
  10. Management research requires careful examination of data. Students have to obtain data, analyze it, and formulate conclusions. Make sure that you can complete your dissertation with the materials you have.

  11. Study sample dissertation ideas and get inspired.
  12. It makes sense to look through sample strategic management dissertation ideas to get an understanding what your own should look like. Consider the following examples:

  • The ways in which investment decisions affect overall company’s corporate strategy.
  • Innovation strategy implementation in the oil industry.
  • Low cost airlines: strategic alliances.
  • Open source: a profitable business model.
  • Family businesses in the service industry.
  • Benefits of using the Porter’s value chain model for different mobile platforms.
  • Knowledge management basics.
  • Strategic IT partnerships: a social capital perspective.
  • Multinational corporations: intervention of global business teams.
  • Technology forecasting principles: assessing threats and opportunities in small companies.

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