Writing A Criminal Justice Thesis: Vital Things To Remember

When writing any thesis, there are various things to remember; however, if writing a criminal justice paper then there are particular things that you may wish to consider that you might not think of when writing such an academic paper for a different subject. The following outlines various things that you may wish to keep in mind whilst writing your criminal justice paper.

Include examples of case law and statutes to back up any points you make

The topic of criminal justice will often require you to look at how various criminal laws have been formed. For example, you may be looking at various cases which will have evolved over time and developed the way that criminal cases are conducted, and have an impact on the outcome, such as any sentencing aspects of a criminal case.

Equally, you may wish to look at statutes law, and how this helps to create criminal justice guidelines that the courts follow.

By including relevant case law and statutes, it helps to demonstrate that you understand what you’re talking about, as well as backing up any arguments that you wish to make. In fact, any academic paper on the subject of criminal justice that does not include either case law or statutes will almost certainly be lacking in quality.

Ensure that you include details from the relevant legal system

Another thing to bear in mind is that any points relating to criminal justice that you include in your paper must be relevant to the appropriate legal system. For example, if you’re studying about the criminal justice system in the United States, then it may not be appropriate to include case law or statutes that have come from the legal system of England and Wales.

However, if you are comparing different criminal justice systems from two or more countries, then it may be entirely appropriate to include case law from each country. Just be aware that when you are doing your research that any legal information that you find is relevant to the paper you are writing.

Include opposing views where necessary

If you’re writing an argumentative essay then it is important that you include not only arguments that back up the point that you are trying to make, but those from any opposing points of view as well. By including opposing views, it helps to support any arguments that you make, and why you have made them.

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