How To Write A Brilliant Dissertation In Business: Great Techniques

A dissertation is another word for a thesis. It is a formal writing on a topic in great details with a view to cover all points possible. It is submitted for both academic as well as business purposes. It is one of the most difficult papers to work on and until it is approved by the university the respective student cannot graduate with his degree.

It requires intensive research work and the purpose behind it is to make the student familiar with the given topic in detail and to increase his knowledge in that particular field.

In order to write a brilliant dissertation, the style of writing is very important. It reflects the way one wants to communicate his ideas and is thus significant for good end results.

Some popular dissertation topics are:
  • Pros and cons of an international merger
  • Development of business strategies for international market expansion
  • Risks and benefits of allowing FDI
  • Merger and acquisition in the aviation industry
  • Key points to a successful vendor relationship
  • Is global expansion the need of the hour?
  • Branding with its competitive advantage over other techniques
  • Business process reengineering in the airline industry

A good dissertation should

  • Have originality. It should be innovative with respect to content and not taken from other sources.
  • Demonstrate relevant reading. It should be able to collect date evidently and in a systematic manner from works of other experts.
  • Be easily understood, analysed and evaluated
  • Should follow the principles of academic conventions by being objective and structured.
  • The action plan for writing a brilliant dissertation should include decisions on:

  • Appropriate title
  • The research methodology
  • Time scale and schedule for completion
  • Equipment access
  • Sources of data collection
  • Easy interpretation of data
  • Format to be followed
  • On an average it should be of around 200-250 pages and sometimes even more, depending on the professor in charge. It should be approved by the committee consisting of the professors and deans of that field. It should be accurate and no plagiarism is allowed at any cost.

    It gives the students an opportunity to increase their knowledge on that topic by critically analysing each and every fact relating to it. A good dissertation can either bring you flying colours or can put your career at a stake.

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