7 Keys To Writing A Good Undergraduate Dissertation

Your undergraduate dissertation is an important milestone to achieving your degree. Unfortunately, many students find themselves quite unprepared to complete a thesis successfully. Oftentimes, this is because the requirements for a successful thesis differ from previous writings. But at the end of the day, evaluators are on the lookout for original thinking that demonstrates that students have developed a real depth of understanding of their subject. With that in mind, here are seven keys to being successful in your undergraduate dissertation.

  1. Choose the right topic
  2. Obviously, the topic you choose has a major impact on your entire paper. Your topic should be interesting, so choose a topic that’s novel, not stale and over-used. Most importantly, you need to choose a topic that you’re passionate about, as your passion will show through in the quality of your work.

  3. Choose the right advisor
  4. Undoubtedly, your advisor plays an essential role in your dissertation, so make sure that you choose the correct person. Your advisor needs to be someone who you get along with, someone who’ll be available to help you, and someone who’s willing to be tough when they need to.

  5. Branch out to get other advice
  6. Your advisor may be vital to the success of your thesis, but you’ll probably need other advice as you write your paper. For instance, you may need to consult with other advisors, writing tutors, and experts in your field of study. So, don’t hesitate to ask for extra advice when you need it.

  7. Pay attention to your literature review
  8. Many people think that they can skimp on their literature review because it covers other people’s research. However, your literature review is a critical part of your undergraduate dissertation, so it needs to be done correctly. So, put enough effort into it and do a good job.

  9. Demonstrate creativity
  10. Sadly, many papers are good, except for the fact that they lack creativity. Try to be creative in your dissertation, as this will likely make it an excellent paper, and earn you results to match.

  11. Discuss critically
  12. When doing your undergraduate dissertation, it’s essential that you don’t just discuss your topic, but that you discuss it critically. This will show the evaluator that you actually took the time to consider the topic, and your research of it.

  13. Get tough reviews
  14. It’s nice to have people sing your praises, but you do need constructive criticism to improve your work. So, make sure that you get people who are honest to read your dissertation for you. Their input will help you move your thesis from the realm of good to great.

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