Helpful Advice on how to Write a Dissertation Literature Review

Dissertations in literature are not merely about writing on topics that are close to your heart or about those which you identify with. Dissertations require an intense study and in-depth knowledge of the topic being presented. A few tips for a good dissertation are given below:

  • Chalk down the questions, which would give direction to your dissertation. This would help you avoid aimless reading. Analyze the concerned issues and consider them through the perspective of these questions.

  • In order to have a balanced literature review, it is imperative that one must research the relevant material taken from various sources. It is suggested that you must make extensive use of the university or college libraries and also consult web sources.

  • Do not get engrossed in giving elaborate description of books, articles or reports which you have read; instead focus on analyzing comparative essence of the source to achieve the purpose of your dissertation.

  • It is necessary to identify, interpret and explain the key themes, which emerge from the sources you have read. Thematic analysis is an ideal base to build body of one’s dissertation.

  • One must pose a critical approach towards the material amalgamated. Always remember that nothing, which has not been adequately questioned or dissected must not enter your text. Critical attitude tends to ensure deletion of any exhaustive description while laying emphasis on the original analysis

  • It is also important to reach conclusive findings while presenting a dissertation in view of the exhaustive analysis of texts, carried out by you. Working conclusions based on opinions or controversies may be drawn. One may even suggest the emerging trends in the field.

  • Validity of dissertation sources must be constantly ensured. In certain subjects, the classical texts continue to retain their literal authority, quoting scientific researches would require caution against obsolete data.

  • Categorization of the material obtained would lead to greater clarity while providing a comprehensive structure to the dissertation. Reviewed material may be categorized into “for” or “against” to facilitate the presentation of the findings.

  • Theory of the dissertation must be carefully reviewed. The analysis conducted of the reviewed material would involve several considerations of theoretical underpinning certain source, some working assumptions or paradigmatic aims. It is vital to explicitly articulate any rationale found in theoretical aspects of one’s findings as well as the position reached in the conclusion of your literature review.

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