Following Expert's Advice: Writing A Dissertation Proposal

When you are a graduate student, the continuum of research, studies, and late night cram sessions can have its toll on your body, mind, and spirit. Managing your time sensibly is critical so you can achieve all that you need to do for your dissertation paper. Several graduate students wait until the last year to start on their dissertation paper, but it needs to be a gradual climb until completion. Dr. Janet Padgett encourages her students to organize the following tasks:

  • Daily Living Organization
  • Some of the examples Dr. Padgett included were to ensure that you get enough sleep each night. Getting enough sleep can be hard for the average person, but it is essential for the graduate student preparing for their dissertation to get a solid 7-9 hours of sleep. Some people wonder if they get too much sleep especially when you are in school, but there is never too much. Some graduate students have stated that it takes longer for their body to recuperate after being through strenuous years of schooling. Bottom line, sleep is vital. Another issue that goes directly with sleep, is ensuring that you get enough exercise daily and eat properly most days. Being in a graduate program can be extremely stressful, so ensure that you are putting yourself first.

  • Organize Graduate Work
  • Dr. Padgett states that it is imperative that you have completed the necessary research for your dissertation paper. It is important to take extra classes and workshops to gain more insight on your dissertation topic. If you are in a graduate program that provides training for teaching experience, make sure to take advantage of the experience. It will help you gain different perspectives to share throughout your dissertation paper. Make sure that you are making time to meet with your advisor. Make lists of all the work that you need to do. Also, set aside time during a morning break at work or a lunch break to read through all of your research. Know that you have as much time to spend on your paper as you put into it.

  • Reinforce Daily Living Activities
  • As previously stated, when you are in a graduate program, it can take a toll on your body emotionally and physically. It is important to keep your life the same as much as possible. Remaining structured with your schedule will allow you to maintain the same daily living as before. You may need to go from having an entire evening out with your friends to limit it one or two hours. Keep up with exercise classes, art classes, and socializing with friends.

    Sticking with your task at hand will help the overall project. Make sure that your dissertation is a priority in your life. The best piece of advice that Dr. Padgett states is to make sure that you stick to schedule and push through the resistance. Anytime you’re writing a dissertation proposal, you may feel for a moment that the task at hand is entirely too much, but if you continue on your course, your hard work will quickly pay off. Your finished product will be complete and you will be so proud of your accomplishment.

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  • How can you fit all you need to do into the week?; Janet Padgett, Ph.D., M.Ac.

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