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If your topic of dissertation is related to nursing, the challenge can be a bit more difficult. The field itself is very competitive and somewhat crowded. The United States, due to a shortage of nurse’s years ago, has provided many visas to qualified nurses from eastern Asia. This temporary solution has become a more permanent solution, especially in places like California. Once provided with a visa, there is nothing stopping these nurses from renewing the visas and, thus, crowing American graduates out of the field.

This issue, over the course of time, has grown into a much larger issue and has an effect on dissertations as well. This can include excess pressure placed on students in the nursing field. Since the dissertation is so important in determining who can be weeded out of programs, the problem is larger than in some other fields. What research might be able to improve the field? What topics might spur interest?

  • Topic #1: Incontinence
  • Thought the idea of peeing in your pants may be somewhat hilarious to think about, it is a real problem. What causes it? What are some of the potential psychological effects that could arise as a direct result of something like this? Are there solutions out there for the psychological stress? Many institutions provide research material on the subject, including the National Association for Continence, the Simon Foundation for Continence, the American Urogynecologic Society, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Topic #2: Mastectomy
  • Another topic which can have associated psychological distress is a mastectomy. This procedure can have an effect on not only the women who suffer from breast cancer, but on their friends and families as well. Breast cancer is still a major concern, even though most people will know someone in their life who dies from breast cancer and there are awareness rallies and runs held fairly often. They can be left feeling burdened or unnatural. The women can feel un-womanlike.

    There have been many new developments with regard to mastectomy which can help to preserve or restore the natural look of breasts after the operation and to keep the function of the lymph nodes intact. Research can be done in this area through some of the work at UAMS by Dr. Klimberg or by looking through the database of the National Cancer Institute.

Consider these topics and see if anything stands out. Use them to get your creative juices flowing.

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