Dissertation Topics On Education: 10 Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

Choosing a topic for your dissertation is a big decision, and luckily for those studying education, this is an exciting time in your field. Below is a list of ten topics that will get you inspired to begin your research and ultimately make an impact in your field.

  1. Technology: How is it changing today’s classroom? This subject offers a rich vein of ideas, from the use of Smartboards starting at Kindergarten, to iPads and laptops replacing bulky textbooks. Explore positive and negative impacts, costs, evaluate results - you can really dig deep in several directions here.

  2. School Safety: how to schools best protect their students, teachers and administrators? How do we ensure kids are safe from each other, by addressing bullying and mental health problems, as well as from outside threats?

  3. Impact of universal Pre-K on future student performance. This is a hot button issue in New York City, which could become a model for other cities and school districts. How can success be measured, and metrics tracked?

  4. Testing - how much is too much? A source of controversy across the educational spectrum, are the students really learning? Are teachers ‘teaching to the test’?

  5. Teaching the student with ADD/ADHD. There has been an explosion of diagnoses in this area in the past decade, and teachers and administrators alike are grappling with meeting the needs of these students. Resources are stretched, costs are rising, kids are stressed - how can we effectively address these issues? Lots to explore.

  6. Teacher Evaluations: What is the best method? How do current methods compare?

  7. Teacher Retention: How to keep, train and reward the best teachers. Kids want to be inspired, and often perform best with a truly gifted teacher.

  8. Are ‘Gifted’ Children getting what they need? How well are they being served, and how to best measure their performance.

  9. Private versus Public schools. Do single sex schools teach better than co-ed ones?

  10. Magnet Schools: Are they worth the investment? This is a hot topic today, with Magnet schools now sharing space with regular public schools. Are they serving the students? Are they diverting resources from struggling public schools and thereby hastening their demise?

As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas to investigate in the education space, and a lot of very important questions that need answering, so get started!

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