Where To Search For A Good Dissertation Example: Helpful Advice

If you are starting your dissertation, or working on your first thesis, this is an area that will require a great deal of research. Keep in mind that with your essay, you want to ensure that you offer the most well rounded, well researched document and quality writing that you can. But how do you find that if you don't know where to start?


A few key things that you want to keep in mind, are that you want you make sure first and foremost that you know the type of essay you’re required to turn in and the proper APA format. By ensuring that you get these correct, as you start to look at examples, you can see how you will be able to incorporate them with your own ideas, as the general parameters will be established by your professor, so make sure to check your syllabus for topic specifics and which APA format they would like you to use. In finding examples, a good place to begin is:

  • Search on the web. By going online, this is a resource that can help you to find several types of essays that have been made available by other students. To start, enter in the specific topic that you want to work on and actually just google it to see what comes up. As you look online you will see PDF examples of essays that you may want to write about, but keep in mind you don't want to write the exact same thing that others have written, but maybe read a sample or two. This can help to give you ideas, and help to get you started in your brainstorming process for your paper.

  • As most colleges post their examples online for their students, you can also pull up samples by the school names. For example your school may have sample materials available in your library. This may or may not be available online, but it's worth checking into. Another area to consider is that students who may want to write for you will post some of their articles as samples for you to see. They do this to demonstrate their skills, and as they make their work available online for free, this is an excellent way for you to find a sample that you would like to follow. You can seek out their sample essays as examples You may not necessarily want to hire them, but maybe you just want to view their material to see how they structured their essays and how they formatted the work, to give you ideas for your own.

  • Next, do another online search, and this time, make sure you indicate the specific topic that you might want to utilize with any key wording and see what comes back. Then start working on your essay by incorporating a similar structure, your subject, contents, and outline accordingly. By establishing a generic outline, this will help you to fine tune the areas that you want to focus on.

In summary, by checking examples that you find online, checking with other students, checking with your school and library for samples, and then ensuring that you stay within the APA guidelines that your school and Professor have provided, you're well on your way to setting up your dissertation based on the required guidelines by your school.

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