Marketing Dissertation Ideas: 10 Topics You Should Think Of

You started you degree in marketing because you like to know how businesses run and how you can get people to buy the products that they are selling.  Marketing today is more than that because there are so many mediums to get the word out about your products, through the advertising on the Internet, television, magazines, and other forms of media that most companies use today.  Now that you have spent years studying the subject of marketing, it’s time to start to compose you topic for you dissertation.  There are many ways that you can go with this topic but I will give you some ideas that you can use as a start to your dissertation topic.

Marketing Dissertation Ideas

  • Does the customer’s loyalty change when they shop online instead of the physical store?

  • Do customers understand the value of a company’s brand?  With this one you can pick a popular store like Starbucks to examine their brand.

  • Which offers do customers respond to better, long term or short term?  For examples magazine subscriptions or discounts at their favorite stores or loyalty programs.

  • Can supermarket chains open up international stores and overcompensate for language barriers in different countries?

  • How has word of mouth marketing changed today or has word of mouth become obsolete?

  • When a customer is buying a new computer, what affects their perception to choose which brand they will buy?

  • With new mobile marketing laws, how is this going to affect mobile marketing in the future?

  • How well do public relation campaigns for a company do after there has been a failure of the brand?

  • How do social media sites turn their users in to cash?  You can pick a social media site and examine how they make their money.

  • Do “cause” related products influence the buying behaviors of consumers? For examples pink products for breast cancer or red products for heart wellness.

Each one of these topics is a good starting point for you research.  Each one of these topics can be used with a case study about a certain company or companies.  Marketing is an interesting subject to cover because there are so many ways you can look at how a company markets its products.  You can also choose a product that is successful or unsuccessful to look at how the marketing team promoted that product.  That would also make for an interesting marketing dissertation topic.

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