How to write a scientific dissertation: presenting your findings

When writing a scientific dissertation you must conduct research to communicate your findings and prove your theory/hypothesis. Planning and researching are key elements to ensuring that you will be able to efficiently write your scientific dissertation.

  • Create a general idea

    You must create a general idea that by using a hypothesis that can be supported with research and facts. The hypothesis must strengthen the core of your dissertation and allow you to accurately depict your findings and conclusion.

  • Choose your hypothesis

    Select a hypothesis that can be supported whether it’s through finding it to be true or false. This level of detail will show that you have accurately done your research and are seeking to learn the truth about your hypothesis whether right or wrong.

  • Supportive research

    Choose research that will send you on a fact-finding mission that can support the claims you made in your hypothesis. Carefully present your findings so that your theory can be proven or disproven and tested via scientific method.

  • Scientific method

    Using the scientific method is how you collect your evidence and put it all together to support your hypothesis. Organizing the evidence will allow to examine and evaluate the direction your hypothesis is taking whether to prove or disprove.

  • Critical thinking
  • Your scientific dissertation should not be completely experimental. There should be factual data presented. You should also use a process that clearly communicates how well you utilized critical thinking to support your dissertation.

  • What you learned
  • The dissertation should be written to show that you are not merely stated facts but rather that your facts and research have taught you something beyond the writing of your dissertation.

  • Support throughout the process

    There should constantly be supporting evidence to back up your thoughts and the ideas that you state as factual. This will prove that the appropriate amount of thought as well as research has gone into your dissertation writing and is not just a fact-finding mission.

  • Correct logic

    The logic behind your dissertation should be correct and defensible highlighting the talent and skills needed to effectively write a scientific dissertation. Your hypothesis should be proven based on your critical thinking skills as well as logical aptitude.

The goal of your scientific dissertation is to prove what you are saying through research, facts, critical thinking, logic, and a deep understanding. It is important to ensure that the dissertation can be argued by the laws of science and can be supportively represented by anyone who reads it.

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