How To Write A Dissertation Literature Review Introduction: A Quick Guide

A literature review is nothing without the right introduction. It is top priority because the reader will read it first and the whole impression will created after they read the introduction. You simply cannot write a flat review introduction and expect to get good grades. The impression of the professor after reading your paper will also be influenced by the review. Some tips to help you come up with a good introduction.

Here is a guide on how to do the dissertation right

  • The introduction will have to highlight the topic and make the reader understand what it is all about. The introduction cannot be about the less significant aspect of the piece. It must be about the most significant characteristics of the novel, short story or the poem you are going to write about.
  • Grab the reader’s attention. You can always use quotes and anecdotes to make the paragraphs more interesting. Present the imagery in such a way that the reader is bound to end the sentence, the paragraph and eventually the whole paper.
  • The interest should build up and not wane in the process of reading. Keep the style intact so that the reader is kept engrossed in the topic as you make the slow entry towards the body of the paper.
  • Plan ahead. You will have to plan the introduction. The best way to present it is in the shape of an inverted pyramid i.e. you will have to provide the most important information in the beginning and as it progress move on to the explanation and other less significant details of the literary piece.
  • Choose your beginning line wisely. It should have all the elements of the paper and hence a true representative of the paper. The reader must get a good idea about the whole paper simply by reading the introduction. His because many people do not read the whole paper instead they read the introduction only.
  • The introduction is best written after the whole paper is completed. This because the idea may change during the course of the paper. Once you have written the introduction you are fairly limited in scope. Or else you will have to modify the beginning to accommodate the new ideas. It is better to start writing the introduction well after the whole paper is completed and the idea cannot change any further.

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