Where To Find A Good Dissertation Proposal Sample

So, it’s time to write the dreaded paper that has been looming for months and which you hoped would somehow go away. As with most things in life the key to success is in tackling challenges as they arise head on. By accepting the fact that you need to nail this, you are far likelier to succeed than if you just bury yourself away in a dark corner. Before you get started, you are going to need a good, product. Not only will this give you confidence in writing your own, but it will also help you avoid the common pitfalls that a lot of students seem to fall into.

Here’re my tips on where to find one:

Your place of study

Yup, the number one place to go hunting for an example is your university building. Your teacher will probably have some examples that they are happy to copy. There might be a reason why they haven’t given you one already – and that is they were simply waiting for someone to ask. Lecturers like to see a little initiative in their underlings. A little spark and creative flare. If for whatever reason they don’t have one, then check out the following:

  • The university or college library

  • Any other teaching staff in the faculty

  • Your Student Union

  • Halls of Residence – I can guarantee that other students will have samples that they will either lend to you, or sell to you for a small price!

The internet

If I didn’t get any joy at my place of study, then the very next thing that I would be doing would be to logon to the internet, type dissertation examples, into the search engine and see what comes up. The internet offers up a whole host of potential. For example:

  • Paid services – These can be very good if you are seeking a high-end proposal

  • Google Scholar – An incredible, free resource. The only downside is that thousands of other students are all poring over the same examples.

  • Student forums – Students are generally a friendly bunch that likes to help each other. You will usually get easy access to all sorts of documentation via these forums.

The power of friendship

Never underestimate the power of friendship! If some of your older friends have examples then I am sure that they would be willing to pass them onto you. Just remember that one good deed deserves another by return.

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