Writing A Dissertation In The Mla Format: Basic Rules To Keep In Mind

How to write a dissertation using the MLA format style?

  • With any type of research paper, the writer has to make sure that they complete the paper based on the instructions of their professor.
  • The thesis paper should be written per the specifications and instructions of the professor.
  • The writer must understand how the dissertation should be formatted and written.
  • The student can always ask their professor for sample writings to show how the MLA format style looks.
  • The writer of the dissertation thesis has to ensure that it meets the requirements and standards of the MLA style before turning it in.

How to properly format and write the dissertation thesis using the MLA format?

  • The margins of the paper should be one inch, and each sentence must be double spaced.
  • The font style has to be 12 point Times Roman.
  • There should not be extra space between each paragraph.
  • Each page should be numbered as follows: (Student’s Last name 1, Student’s Last name 2, Student’s Last name 3, etc.)
  • The first page of the term paper has to include the following information:
    1. Name of student.
    2. Name of professor.
    3. Name of the class
    4. Date paper was done.
    5. Title of the dissertation should be centered and double spaced.
  • All cited phrases should be placed in quotations like this “Mary had a little lamb”.
  • The research paper must have a “Work Cited” page for all cited material.
  • The “Work Cited” page should be formatted as follows:
    1. Each cited work should be listed in alphabetical order.
    2. The last name, first name of the Author.
    3. The title of the work comes next.
    4. The source for the cited work comes next.
    5. The publisher’s name comes next.
    6. The publishing company name and the publishing state come next.
    7. The date the work was published is last.

Here are a few good topics for an MLA format style dissertation:

  • How has E-commerce changed the world of small business?
  • How has social media changed personal interaction between individuals?
  • Is it constitutional for state governments to discriminate against individuals based on their sexual orientation?
  • Will same-sex marriage be legalized throughout all of the states in the USA?
  • Should same-sex couples be afforded the same marital rights as traditional married couples?

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