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When you begin writing a research paper, or any kind of academic paper, you will find that there are many resources available online. You can find hundreds of websites and journals related to any topic. Many academic institutions have resource pages that are categorized by department, allowing you to find databases related to your field. You can get material from the websites or from the actual library associated with institution. In any case, the items that you find in a school library or on a school website have been properly verified and reviewed and are credible sources.

But when you use research materials from the web, you are responsible for the vetting process. That means you should adhere to the following:

  • Sometimes you are asked to research online, but you should still turn to library resources to help. Cross check information that you find online with a library resource. Make sure that the information you use is reliable and from an authoritative source, especially if you plan on quoting the source in your paper.

Make sure to narrow down the topic on which you will write before you begin researching for your project. The internet has so much information readily available that you might find yourself overwhelmed. Prior to starting your research you should make sure you know precisely what you are looking for. It is helpful to formulate some questions related to your topic, the more direct and specific the better. This will allow you to limit the search results you have.

If you are writing an essay and looking for some inspirational topics for your thesis consider the following questions and see if anything strikes you:

  • Who is responsible for teaching children appropriate behavior? How is this done best?
  • What psychological effects are pushed on child stars?
  • Should there be legal ramifications for cyber-bullying?
  • Are there characteristics or lessons that can be learned from younger generations?
  • Are children hurt by the constant push to succeed and achieve more?
  • Is it important to be able to remain calm and collected? Or is this a historic notion?
  • Are current generations more self-centered than previous ones?
  • Is it possible to be good without religion or a god?
  • Should people have to marry those in the same religion as them?
  • Compare the effectiveness of classroom teaching to online teaching

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