A List Of Outstanding Computer Dissertation Topics For Students

Technology is advancing so quickly nowadays and certainly we have to thank the ones working so hard in the computer technology field. However, their success was not granted, as they had to work for it as well. You have to start from studying the subject in computer science and working your way up.

In your degree course, you will be required to write a dissertation (usually carries a lot of weighting to your degree). Ideally, you should write some that interests you and you are an expert in that topic. This is list of great computer science dissertation topics that you might want to consider.

Cloud Services

A relatively new idea, cloud services offer people, students and employees alike to work wherever they are. With constant uploading and downloading of documents, they are no longer tied to a certain place to work.


This is the program that keeps most of the applications on our computer running. If you are interested in this topic, then you might consider writing your dissertation on it.

Management System

There are many management systems that are developed by computer science graduates; this includes customer relationship management (CRM) solution and other similar systems. This is a worthy for an investigation!

Website Development

If you like the Internet, then this is something that you would be interested in. The Internet is still growing and you could be a part of the development team!

Mobile Applications

Do you like your smartphone? Well if your answer is yes, why don’t you research on different ways in which you could develop smartphone apps and make our lives better?

Mobile Internet Data Service

This was a truly innovative service roughly a decade ago. It is still improving everyday and could get 5G networks in next couple years and you could be involved.

Software Development

This is like Microsoft Word and all the daily essential software. It would be interesting if you could develop some innovative software that could benefit everyone in the world and you would be proud of that as well, wouldn’t you?


A bit more complicated, as this requires a lot of coding and it must be free from any sort of errors. However, if you are interested in this topic, then by all means, you should start a research on it.

Although this is not a comprehensive guide, it has compiled some of the most popular dissertation topics for students studying the field of computer science. Hopefully this is beneficial to you!

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