Professional Advice On How To Write A Dissertation

University life is probably the best time of your life because of one too many reasons. You get to discover yourself, make lifetime friends, make hard life changing choices, and define yourselves. However, along with all this fun comes some responsibility for instance your dissertation, which is mandatory for you to get your PhD certification.

An easy guide to write your dissertation:

  1. Organize Yourself and Plan ahead
  2. From the moment, you enroll yourself in your PhD you should be proactive about your dissertation. Plan well before time what you want to do in your dissertation and how you want to do it. This is not college anymore so you need to be well organized and well prepared for the big moment.

  3. Supervisor – a match made in heaven
  4. A dissertation is impossible to be carried out without a qualified supervisor so you should start hunting for one. Always go for a supervisor who is supportive, encourages ideas and innovation, and is frequently available and helpful. You do not want to be abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

  5. Outline
  6. Create an outline according to your requirements. Discuss it with your supervisor and make a comprehensive outline, which is in accordance with all the required university standards.

  7. Thesis Statement
  8. Create a thesis statement that reflects the magnificence of your research. It should be concise, well structured and must have an element of intrigue. To get help with crafting a great thesis statement, visit

  9. Data and Information
  10. Remember a dissertation is an advanced form of research papers and college thesis. It should have both data and information. Your research needs to be backed by published works. You should be well acquainted with referencing by now.

  11. Well referenced
  12. Include as many references as you can. It will only add up to the validity of your work. In fact, this could later help you get your work published at international level.

  13. Synchronization
  14. Make sure your entire dissertation is perfectly synced with each one of its component. Starting from the introduction right down to the limitations and conclusions, it should be well connected.

  15. Proofreading
  16. Proof read your work and rid it from all sorts of grammatical errors, typos, or data errors. As such, senior level you cannot afford faulty work.

  17. Window-dressing
  18. Use formatting, cover page, margins etc to dress your dissertation in a formal and sophisticated manner. You want to set a good impression before the reader gets to the core of your research.

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