10 great psychology thesis topics

The great thing about theses is that you can choose what to write about. This is also a bad thing when you’re indecisive and don’t know what you want. In subjects like psychology there are just so many options and it can be overwhelming. When you need a good idea for a topic, usually you turn online for help. Most students who are working on dissertations and theses can talk to their advisors for topic ideas, too. Sometimes this isn’t enough and you need some concrete suggestions. If you keep reading, you’ll find a list of ten ideas that you can put to use right away. Just one of these and get started on your research!

Once you’ve found a topic, whether it’s one of these or not, one of the hardest parts is over. For many people, just deciding on something to write about can be the hardest, even more than all the work and writing. If you just decide on something, then you can move forward with the topic and get working to have it done on time. Likewise, make sure you don’t pick a topic you don’t like, because choosing the wrong one and starting over wastes a lot of time. Even if you take a bit longer to choose, it’s better to do that than go with something you aren’t really passionate about.

Topics for a Great Psychology Thesis

Here are ten great ideas that you can use for your thesis. Even if none of them really catch your eye, you can use these as a basis for more brainstorming. Think about similar topics, different approaches to the same topic, and anything else you remember while reading these. You absolutely don’t have to use any of these, but it’s a good starting place. Even if you think of something entirely different, this list will still give you inspiration for other topics. Think of what you really love about psychology and write about that.

  • Everyday decision making: what goes on in your brain
  • Skill influences of gender differences in preschool kids
  • Sibling relationships in abusive families
  • Optimism and pessimism in college students
  • The effect of advertising on femininity
  • Body image and self esteem
  • Religious involvement and schizophrenia
  • Attachment behaviours in autistic children
  • Mental health differences in pregnant women of varied races
  • Possible effect of birth order on future career

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