Looking for strong business dissertation topics

If you are looking for strong business dissertation topics take a moment to look over the prompts below:

  • What can businesses do to improve employee turnover?
  • How important are leadership skills?
  • What role does authority play in a company’s management system?
  • What can businesses do to improve customer retention via marketing?
  • How do leadership skills affect workplace productivity?

Once you have a topic in mind consider these tips:

  • When you begin writing your dissertation, you need to first decide when to start. This means you must set a date, the date on which research and writing begins. You should provide yourself a minimum of three months to complete all of the things you need to do. Your start date must be absolute. You need the majority of your work done within three months giving you time left to finish any odds and ends. If you don’t start work early enough, and don’t get things done before that three month remainder mark, they just won’t get done.
  • *note: you will not be able to get everything done on your to-do list, but accepting that true fact is liberating. You should set a finish date for the research you have to do, and this will enable you to focus on a few other tasks that will add value to the final piece.

  • Next, you have to decide when to stop. You need to set a completion deadline for the final paper. This is ideally three months after you start the project.
  • *Take a moment to imagine that every month you add to the deadline, is another five thousand dollars in losses. Why? Because each month you are writing and not working you lose out on free time and income. If you do not feel it is possible to get the paper done in that amount of time, take some time to write down every reason you think you won’t be able to do it. Review these reasons and ask yourself if you really think the reasons make it impossible, or if they just make it incredibly challenging.

It is important that you set small goals while you are working on your project so that you write a little bit each day. Small goals should be an average of five hundred words per day. Anything more than that and you might miss a few days and start to feel your morale drop.

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