10 General Tips On How To Organize Your Dissertation Presentation

Writing a dissertation is a daunting task, and defending one is sometimes even more intimidating. However, there is one more thing students often forget - making a mid-research presentation of their thesis in front of faculty and, sometimes, in front of other students as well.

What is a Mid-Research Presentation?

In most educational establishments, students are required to show the preliminary results of their study to professors from their department. This is a way to check how the research is going, which part of the dissertation is completed and which part requires revision. So, students can see the strengths and weaknesses of their thesis and get professional advice on how to improve it.

How Your Dissertation Presentation Should be Organized

Basically, a dissertation presentation is about two things: the object of research and the structure of the thesis. So, it’s logical to start by introducing the subject, topic, keywords and terms, and then proceed to the paper itself. Here are ten tips on what to include into your presentation and how to describe it:

  1. Introduce the area of your research. That is, make a slide about the part of the discipline you’re researching in your paper.

  2. Explain why you chose this particular topic and what is interesting about it. Talk about the importance of your topic and your interest in it. Try to prove that studying this area is useful for our society.

  3. Introduce the purpose of the study. Explain the purpose of your study and the questions it’s going to answer.

  4. Provide some information about other researchers. Write about other studies which had been published on the subject of your research.

  5. Talk about the sources you used when you prepared to write your dissertation. Enlist the books, articles, films or other kinds of sources and their authors’ names.

  6. Show how your dissertation is going to be structured. Enlist the sections your thesis has or is going to have. Make sure it has the right formatting.

  7. Make a slide about the methodology of your paper. Explain what methods and approaches you used to conduct your study.

  8. Describe your lab experiments (optional). If you had to perform any lab experiments, make sure to include them in your presentation. Explain what the purpose of the experiment was and how it was conducted.

  9. Show your results. Give the results of your study and/or of your lab experiments.

  10. Talk about your conclusions. Write a slide about the conclusions of your research and defend them (find some evidence why they are right).

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