How To Cite A Published MLA Dissertation Correctly: Clear Instructions

Do you need to write a great paper following the Modern Languages Association style? Do you need clear and obvious guidelines to help you cite your assignment and different sections included in it? Is it hard for you to stick to the instructions given by your teacher for this paper? Do you need someone to assist you in citing a published dissertation for your assignment? Do you wish you had a sample of the required style so that you easily could follow it for your paper? Do you need to come up with an error free paper so that you can earn a good grade? Do you want to impress your teachers with a highly effective paper and stay ahead the rest of your class?

The above questions will keep on bugging your thoughts if you are new to dissertation writing and wish to format your project in the right manner. The first thing you need to keep in mind is which format or style you will choose for your paper. You may have to use the specific style mentioned by your teacher or pick on your own based on the subject type. MLA is a standard format used around the world for subjects like math and other sciences. A student should be careful while citing a paper in the given style because it differs with different papers and their status. Your university or institution would have different preferences for the style and format of the assignment. The requirements for citation of your dissertation vary with the type and status of the paper. If the assignment you are to cite is published than you would write the title in italic font while for an unpublished paper you would need to use quotation makrs. Similarly, the formatting rule will change if your paper is published on the internet versus published in a database.

Follow the guidelines below to cite your paper in the right format

  • If you are to cite a paper that is published already, then you need to use the italic style instead of regular font. You have the choice to add the name of the institute at the end however, it is mandatory to include the date of publishing in a regular font. For example, HIV and AIDs and the east European conspiracy, Feburary 2007, followed by the name of the university

  • If the paper is unpublished and you are to cite it, in such a case you need to use the inverted commas before and after the title rather than using the italic font to illustrate this better. “HIV and AIDs and the East European conspiracy” Dissertation, name of the university, 2005

  • The third case is if the paper is published electronically then you should write the web address of the paper by the end of your citation

These are some important rules you need to follow if you want to cite your paper in the MLA style

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