Where To Go Looking For A Proper Sample Of A Dissertation Questionnaire

A questionnaire for a dissertation is a valuable tool. It will enable you to gather the data you need in order to prove your point. It will be discussed in the methodology portion of your paper. A questionnaire has to be constructed in a fashion that will result in valid answers that truly reflect the thought and opinions of those surveyed. It cannot look as if it was geared to obtain a specific answer, but must be very neutral in the wording. The best way to make an effective survey is to look at proper samples. You can find those in several places.

Where to Look

  • Your advisor-your dissertation advisor will have samples of all parts of your project. You should ask to see as many of those examples as it takes for you to understand what you need to do. You can go to the advisor to see models for every part of your paper. Just call or email and make an appointment, as you need help.
  • A writing company-a writing company can do many things for you as you work your way through this process. You can get as little or as much assistance as you need. The business will be able to provide you with models for your questionnaire. You want to make sure and check the reviews and sample work of any company that you are considering hiring. Shop around until you find the perfect fit.
  • A tutor- a tutor is similar to a writing business, but the tutor will cost more and you will get more personal assistance. A tutor can often always help you with other subjects and needs you might have. You can, of course, use a tutor who is specialized in one subject such as academic writing. Some tutors in the collegiate realm are graduate students, so make sure whomever you hire is very qualified to help you with this important project.
  • Online –you can find all types of models online for many different parts of various types of written work. Just do yourself a favor and make sure the person who wrote the sample is more than qualified to do so. A bad example questionnaire will not help you at all. Always ask to see the qualifications of the writers, and if you cannot get them, then do not use the work.

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