Guidelines For Dissertation Writing: Completing Your Paper In Ten Steps

A dissertation is the culmination of every student’s college life. Although it seems like you are going to put up with a lot of stressful moments - do not panic. The process can be a little difficult, but it’s nothing you can not handle. In order to make it easier for you, we have created a short simple guide with some useful tips.

  • Choose a topic – This might be difficult, because it is the very first step. Give yourself a deadline of 5 days for choosing a topic. Do a research of the latest trends, search on the Internet, ask your tutor to help you, talk with peers, visit a professional in your field, etc. No matter the topic, you have to be interested in it in order to write it with a little bit of passion.

  • Research - Do a research by reading some literature, such as referenced books in similar papers. You can also dig deeper into the background of the topic in order to have an idea what to write.

  • Make an outline – When you come to this step, you should have at least primary idea of how your dissertation would look like. You should finish the research and write the main points of what the main part would include.

  • Talk to the tutor – Your tutor should answer and clear up every questions you have. Ask as many questions as you need!

  • Construct the introduction – The introduction and the conclusion are the most important parts of a paper. Clearly introduce the topic and state the main thesis statement. Write in short what the paper elaborates and what methods you are going to use.

  • Write the chapters – Divide the body in several chapters, depending on the relation of the data and arguments, group related points in one chapter.

  • Conclusion – Just like the introduction, you should again say what was talked about in the paper and what you concluded from your research. Make it clear and straightforward.

  • Citations – Don’t forget to write down all the books from where you took off the citations within the paper.

  • References – During your research, write down everything you used in order to mention here and avoid accusations of plagiarism.

  • Check before submitting – Reread all the paper one more time before you give it to your tutor. Check if you missed relevant data, check spelling and grammar as well. After this step you are ready to submit the dissertation. Good luck!

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