Leadership dissertation topics: don't miss some fresh ideas

Writing is fun as long as you are not restricted to a topic that is of no interest to you. it can even get challenging when you are asked to write a certain word count. Sometimes you want to write for long and sometimes you get bored with the topic and stop right away. However, we always don’t have choices. Sometimes it is necessary to write a paper in a given timeline. Let’s consider dissertations for example

They are to follow a specific format

  • They can be about a certain topic
  • They need to have a certain word count (thousands)
  • They have to be submitted on a specific date
  • They need to be academic, professional and yet engaging

Whether you want or not you will have to write a dissertation if you want to get your advanced level degree. The most difficult and time taking part in writing a dissertation is the topic selection. Once you have a topic for your dissertation it is easy to research and write about it. If you are studying leadership and are supposed to write a thesis paper on this subject then you will have to select the topic very carefully. To be able to choose a good topic for your leadership paper, you need to start with a plan in your mind and follow a few directions

  • Brainstorm
  • You might not even know what your mind is capable of until you let it be free. Take a deep breath, forget about everything, and relax. If you are worried about something then your brain will be too occupied thinking about it that you will not be able to brainstorm effectively. It is a great tip if you let your thoughts go wild and pen down everything you can possibly think of

  • Let our ideas flow
  • Never stop your brain during the brainstorming process, Ideas trigger one another, even if you think this idea is half baked and irrelevant you can write it down. You can filter this out later, what you want to keep and what you want to remove from your raw ideas

  • Read a lot
  • To maintain a good flow of ideas it is important that you read a lot. A good writer is always a good reader. Read anything that you can get hold of. Even a newspaper can trigger an idea

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