What Is a PhD Dissertation and How Do You Write It?

Once you have reached the end of your graduate study, you will have earned your bachelors degree, masters degree, and be onto your PhD—the final step is your dissertation. The dissertation is an extended work of writing, deeply researching an area of interest in your field. This is the final requirement before achieving your doctoral degree. Finally, when you have reached this point and you are ready to write your dissertation—you will prepare yourself for the serious task. The best way to go about writing your dissertation is to choose your topic, find research, set an agenda and seek guidance.

  • Select Your Topic
  • When choosing a topic, you want to be sure to select carefully. You want to ensure the topic is something that will produce enough research, but also hold your interest. Chances are you already have pinpointed a specific area of interest in your field; this will likely make for the best dissertation topic. Avoid overdone topics or topics with little research.

  • Locate Research
  • Once you have decided on a topic, you will move on to researching the topic. In addition to the notes and research you may already have, you can consult your library, academic databases and other scholarly resources for support. By having thorough knowledge of your subject, you will present the most complete dissertation possible.

  • Set Agenda
  • Many struggle with the dissertation because it is a long term and more overwhelming task. By setting an agenda, this will be system to guarantee you complete your dissertation on time. Commit yourself to stringently adhering to your guidelines, and you will steadily complete your dissertation one doable step at a time.

  • Seek Guidance
  • Lastly, it can never hurt to seek guidance. By finding an advisor or guiding figure, you will have a system of check beyond your own motivation and agenda. Your advisor or confidant will be able to coach you through the process, keeping up your stamina. As well as, he or she will provide insight or answer questions on your dissertation work.

With a strong topic, good research, a strict agenda and a reliable advisor you will be set up for success. By following these simple guidelines, and using your already extensive academic knowledge and skills you will properly execute your PhD dissertation.

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