Good Advice On Writing Electrical Engineering Dissertation Abstracts

Every dissertation comes with an abstract and your electrical engineering project is not an exception. An abstract is an essential part of your project and you need to treat it seriously.

What Is an Abstract?

An abstract in your electrical engineering dissertation is a short representation of the main idea of your project. It’s necessary to compose a smart abstract to give your readers an idea about the content of your dissertation. Besides that, when you are through with the writing and defense, and your project goes to a library, the abstract will help students understand whether they can use it for their own research or not.

How to Compose a Good Informative Abstract?

  1. Read your outline once again.
  2. The outline is a short retelling of the content of your paper. So, you should feel free to use its structure as a frame for the abstract.

  3. Make sure that you know how to make it informative and short.
  4. The point is that you need to fit in several very important points. You need to explain your readers which place your own research occupies in a wider academic study in the field. Then, you need to explain your choice of methods and their usefulness for the research. Say a couple of words about the conclusions and findings of your project. Finally, mention future prospects of researching in this area and your own plans. All this should fit in a half of a page, no more.

  5. Find out the formatting demands.
  6. You surely know that academic papers are formatted in a specific way. A lot depends on the writing style that you have chosen for your work. That’s why, you need to give special attention to the formatting demands that need to be observed with a lot of care.

  7. Overcome the fear of starting.
  8. Begin with formal details that are foreseen by the formatting demands. It will help you get down to the process of writing smoothly. Compose a draft first. Having it, even a schematic one, will help you build up a smoother text. Once you have composed a skeleton of your abstract, read it once again and add transition phrases that will make it more reader-friendly.

  9. Avoid drowning in details.
  10. You need to remember that your abstract is meant to give your readers a condensed idea of your project. You don’t need to overwhelm them with details or things like that.

  11. Remember about the language.
  12. Electrical engineering is a specific sphere, yet, it doesn’t mean that your readers should be smothered with terms, abbreviations, and things they cannot understand.

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