Daily Dissertation Writing Tips For College Students 

A dissertation is a challenging project. The task of writing a paper consisting of more than a hundred pages is a terrifying experience. It is no wonder that college students often get stuck at some stage of their work; or even worse, they cannot start writing at all, and wait in vain for inspiration. If you are one of these students, and if you don’t know how to approach your Ph.D. thesis, consider the following tips and try to apply them on a daily basis.

  • Write every day.
  • This is not a joke, but a serious piece of advice that should be unconditionally followed. If you want to complete your doctoral project in a reasonable time span, don’t put off your work until tomorrow. Let writing become your daily habit. Even on the busiest days, allow at least fifteen minutes to write. Even if you are not in a dissertation mood, sit down and write. Don’t wait for your genius to appear. The ideas will come in the process of work, and you should be prepared to jot them down.

  • Have an organized workplace.
  • If possible, write in the same place every time. Keep your paper and the research data waiting for you there. Your workplace should be light and silent. Don’t bring any distractions into your work area: switch off the TV, disconnect the Internet, and leave your cell phone in a distant room.

  • Try to write for longer periods of time.
  • Of course, you may be tempted to do something for fifteen minutes, and then to forget about your project for the rest of the day. Sometimes, you may do so. Don’t do it regularly, though. With such a strategy, you are likely to struggle with your dissertation for several years. Try to write for as long as possible. Don’t get interrupted too often. It is enough to have a 10-minute break once an hour, to relax and avoid feeling crazy.

  • Don’t be too critical.
  • Sometimes, you will feel that your paper is a complete disaster, and that everything you have done should be deleted and rewritten. Don’t be too hasty! Wait until you’re feeling better. Only then will you be able to reasonably assess your efforts. A good academic work demands several drafts. It is easier to improve your previous drafts rather than writing everything from scratch. Moreover, the dissertation committee members don’t expect you to craft a perfect paper. They want to see that you honestly worked on a problem. Do your best today and daily, and your efforts will definitely be rewarded.

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