Nursing Dissertation Topics Can be Found in Your Study Book

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation, or thesis, is a well-documented essay on a topic of your choosing to research and contains precise knowledge in that specific area of research. In a dissertation, you must emphasize specific objectives and aims of the research that you are doing. With this discourse, you are to formally communicate your research and your knowledge to the reader. Choosing a topic is one of the most important parts of your research. It is the first step toward starting the detailed and original study that you will write.

How to Come Up with a Topic

Coming up with what you want to do your nursing dissertation on can be hard. It’s difficult to figure out what you want to spend your time practicing and gaining enough knowledge on to write about with dedication. It can seem impossible to pick just one topic out of the thousands of things you could choose to study. One easy method is to flip through the pages of your study book to come up with dissertation topics that you might want to write about. Certain topics or chapters may help to give you some ideas. Also, try to think about what you’d be interested in learning more about and then writing about it. As a nurse, what is important to you? Is there something that you see in patients or in the hospital that you think is worth exploring more in depth and addressing?

Types of Nursing

Your topic will fall into a specific area of nursing. Whatever area you practice or intend on practicing would be the best to do your dissertation on. Here are the areas of nursing:

  • Child Health Nursing
  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing

Ideas for Possible Topics

  • Caring for elderly outpatients and community service
  • How much of an impact family therapy has on an adolescent with an eating disorder
  • Do poor housing conditions worsen mental health issues?
  • What techniques are effective when working with difficult patients with mental health issues?
  • Is it a waste of time or does it help to listen to a schizophrenic patient’s delusions?
  • Can you teach people how to understand food labels so they can avoid becoming unhealthy or obese?
  • Can a relationship between a nurse and a patient help the patient get better?
  • Can gardening therapy decrease stress among the elderly?
  • What are the psychological problems of the spouses of Alzheimer’s patients?
  • Does laughter therapy have an effect on depression?
  • What effect does music therapy have on depressed patients?
  • Does art therapy decrease aggression in patients with mania?
  • Do male and female patients who suffer from seizures have social problems and low self esteem?
  • What is the knowledge and attitude toward tobacco use among teenage boys?

In conclusion, whether you choose to write your dissertation on one of the topics provided or if you have come up with your own topic, make sure to write about something you are interested in and knowledgeable on.

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