10 Tips For Writing A Successful Dissertation Proposal On Ethics

A dissertation is an essay to bring about new ideas or concepts that you support with evidence supporting them. A dissertation proposal is a work of writing that explains the minimal amount of information in order to persuade other to allow you to continue finding research or gain more knowledge about your subject. This proposal in particular is based on the subject of ethics.

  1. Make sure you make an outline.
  2. This is first on the list because it is the most important tip. By creating an outline it helps organize your thoughts and data down on paper. This also make it easier to rearrange the information to make a more coherent work of writing.

  3. Safeguard Your Work
  4. Ethics papers focus on the social sciences so in writing it you must make sure the interest and rights of anyone involved are safeguarded by the following: obey the law on human rights and data protection, maintain good quality research, gain the informed consent of you subjects and think through all the consequences of your work.

  5. Analyze your proposal.
  6. Make sure that you read through anything that you have written multiple time so that you can find holes in logic or where to add r remove information.

  7. Methodology
  8. The process of how you plan to prove your proposal about ethics can greatly affect the success of your dissertation.

  9. Include Research and data
  10. By including research and data especially in the form of graphs or tables can help show your evidence in a more visually appealing way than having your audience read a bunch of number.

  11. Pay attention to your page count
  12. A dissertation proposal should only have enough information to peak interest so that you can continue your research and complete your dissertation. This shouldn’t be so short that it doesn’t peak any interest but no longer than twenty pages. You don’t want to give away all the good stuff before you write your actually dissertation.

  13. Be Flexible
  14. Your research could lead you in a different way than you had originally intended, it is important to be flexible and adjust the methods and ideas surrounding your proposal.

  15. Don’t procrastinate
  16. This should be something that takes you months for you to organize and adjust based on research and methodology. Your proposal is a way to organize and articulate what you plan to prove in your dissertation and requires time and energy to complete.

  17. Show the importance
  18. This paper shows how your project contributes to the existing research about the subject. This should help convince support in your project,

  19. Establish a writing schedule
  20. Take some time before you start writing to plan out a schedule to keep you on track and no procrastinate. Make a detailed schedule of what you want to complete each week until your deadline. This type of academic paper can’t be written overnight, it takes time to perfect.

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