Where to look for reliable sources for your dissertation research

When looking for reliable sources to use in your dissertation here are a few tips that should help:
  • Avoid Wikipedia
  • Use books
  • Jstor is reliable
  • Searching the web
  1. Avoid Wikipedia
  2. Just about anything you can think of can be found on a Wikipedia page but this is not necessarily a good thing. Wikipedia is wholly unreliable as being a source for research, the simple fact being that anyone can edit the information on Wikipedia so unless it is backed up by a second website it would be difficult to know it were true or false. Although, if you have to use a second site to validate whether what Wikipeda is saying is true or not then you should probably just use that other site to begin with and save yourself a headache.

  3. Use books
  4. Books are the key to conveying a proper research. You can find the books in a library or an online bookstore, such as Amazon. Books are a more reliable way to do research and you can find the right ones to use by asking your advisor for recommendations or any of your professors. The reason why books are more reliable than things on the internet is because a book has the better chance of holding everything you need for your dissertation, as well as being truthful and on track. It is true that there are books that have false information, and this is why it is important to seek navigational help from someone of more experience so as to avoid these false literary works.

  5. Jstor is reliable
  6. When looking to use articles go through Jstor. Jstor is the best way to find the authenticity in an article and whether it will be suited for you to use in the research of your dissertation topic. On Jstor you can find articles that are truthful about the category and that will aid you in your research rather than hinder it.

  7. Searching the web
  8. You can research online, just be careful. You may be able to find a few informative sources for your research online with no cost to you but you must make sure that they are valid. This can be achieved by finding two or three sites that agree with each other on the history of Alexander the Great or why Rome was really burned to the ground.

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