Custom Dissertation Writing Services: Helpful or Harmful?

There are a great many reasons that people occasionally need the services of online writing companies. However, an online writing service is not likely to be a regular requirement for an individual student. Because of that, it can be tricky to determine whether or not the service you are receiving is a good service, or even whether it is a good thing to do in the first place, even if the writer that you hire is good. Here are a couple good points, and a couple bad points, about custom dissertation writing services:


  • They Take Your Brief
  • One good thing is that the service and the writer that you hire will work precisely to your brief. Although it can be expensive, you can have an experienced writer to express your thoughts for you. If you are writing in a second language, this can be a great advantage.

  • They Work to Your Deadline
  • Also, the service will work to whatever deadline you set. That means that your work will definitely be completed on time, and that you can have a document returned well before hand-in, so that you have time to read and get to know the work, which is yours, before it is submitted. Under heavy workloads, this can be a big help.

  • They Are Professional
  • Another bonus is that the writing service writers will be very professional and very experienced in producing good quality documents in your discipline. That means that, if you get the right service, you can end up with a very high quality piece of work.


  • Not Your Work
  • The most obvious and most important down side is that the work is not your work. Getting an academic qualification is about the reward of hard work, and love of the subject. Hiring someone to write your paper for you means that you will not feel the thrill of completing a difficult assignment.

  • No Guarantees
  • Another problem is that there is no guarantee that the work will be good. If you are returned a poor piece of writing just before a deadline, then you will have no time to produce a better quality piece of work.

  • Academic Disqualification
  • If you get caught, it is the end of your academic career, you will fail whatever course you are on, and you will have paid for nothing but trouble.

So, take a good look and have a careful think about these things before hiring a custom dissertation writing service.

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